The Back Of All Problems

Posture has been known to be important for gait and grace and as the old people say, ‘the class of a man is known by the way he walks sits and moves.’ The man by the process of evolution is a homo sapien sapiens, one who can walk on two legs and has an erect spine in addition to a thinking brain. Today with a rise in office jobs where people are forced to be restrained to an office seat, sitting posture becomes very important as the homo sapien sapiens man has to think, sit and work that causes stress to his back.

Bad posture when one sits often leads to back pains, aches, and other spinal cord related woes.Back pain, better take noteBack pain today is a common complaint that many people who have office jobs give.

The pain that one feels in the back could radiate from a muscle, bone, nerve and can cause a person problem when they walk, sit or move.Often pain in the back is an indicator of other serious diseases and it is often better to address the problem at the earliest that is get a proper diagnosis done so that the cause of the disease can be better understood.

Strains that affect one’ life back pain could be caused due to fractures in the back that are sometimes hairline and tend to be ignored which then go on to cause a person major problems. Getting an X-Ray done when one experiences back pain is a good option.

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Spondylolisthesis a condition that causes a break in one of the bones of the back which in a way dislocates a part of the spinal cord and is a number one problem caused due to bad sitting posture. The problem if not treated at its early stages can lead to the disintegration of the spinal cord.

Back pain can also be an indicator of arthritis which causes stiffening and swelling of bones and the body. If diagnosed at a primary stage doctors can help a person to avoid further complications and worsening of the disease. Infections, tumors, and cancers may also be the diseases that a backache hints too.

Though a mild backache seems like a small problem it may lead to worse hence, it is better to visit the doctor if backaches do not stop within a week.

Prevention is better than cure

Maintaining a proper posture while sitting at work is extremely vital after all a person spends as many as 8-15 hours at work in their office seat and this is the cause of many back problems. If one maintains a good posture the back pains can be avoided or at the least minimized.

Choose the right way

Often it is difficult to ensure that one has a proper posture at all times as we all tire of sitting in one fixed position and are continually on the move changing our position of sitting. People who have jobs that require them to be in their seats for a long time should do some physical exercises that will prevent back problems.

An agile lifestyle is always good to have.

People restricted to their desks at work should practice yoga, aerobics and simple back exercises that help them to strengthen their backs and also avoid back problems that are the core of many health woes that people face today.