Dancing Does More Than Just Burn Fat

danceLike many people, I’m not so much into fitness. In fact, I’m not fit at all. My job entails me to sit on my backside the whole day in front a computer. I rarely feel inspired to work out, even if I know that I badly need to, to burn fat and lose weight.

When I do get to do some cardio, it’s just because some friends have asked me to join them. I don’t really enjoy running that much, but since I enjoy my friends’ company, I tag along. I know running is good but I just find it boring.

Running round and round in an Olympic size oval until I can barely catch my breath isn’t exactly my idea of a fun work out. So what do I do? Believe it or not, I dance – hip hop to be exact.

For me, dancing is more intense than running. When I dance, the movements I make in sync to the fat bass of hip hop music can make me sweat more than when I run. And when I sweat more, I’m burning more calories. Although dancing does make me tired at the end of the day, I still find it more enjoyable.

Every pop, lock, drop, krump, kick, and jump forces my muscles to contract, burning calories as I go. But dancing is more than just being able to burn fat. It gives me a few more helpful benefits than what running can. One of these is body coordination.

Body coordination is being able to control my body the way I want to by using the right muscles right away. It’s attaining a sense of balance despite the many movements made at a given time. Because dancing involves choreography and steps, I’m able to improve my body coordination drastically. The more complicated steps I learn and do, the better my body coordination.

Dancing also gives me a ton of happy hormones. Okay, not a ton, but a lot compared to running. After a 2 to 4-hour session, I feel tired but content. Even if I fail to memorize complicated steps, the fact that I was able to bust some moves and at the same time get a much needed work out are enough reasons to make me feel good. It’s like I’ve done something worthwhile without putting my health at risk unlike drinking.

Dancing also helps boost my self confidence. Yes, I’m not your skinny type of gal, but if I can move like any skinny girl can, it makes me feel good about myself. If I’m able to krump and jump like a dude would, then that’s enough to boost my self-confidence.

And last but not least, dancing helps my extroverted side shine – at least that’s what Golias.fr say. Introverted people like me would rather be left in peace. But when I dance, I’m able to easily socialize with other people, especially with other hip hop dance enthusiasts. For them, it doesn’t matter if I look like a bouncing ball in the middle of the studio.

The fact that I can do a routine with the same punch as they can is enough for them to respect me as a person. This is why I love dancing. I burn fat and lose weight but actually gain more in terms of body coordination, self-confidence, and friends.