Hairstyle Mistakes & The Lessons You Should Learn From Them

In life we all make mistakes. As the saying goes, it isn’t so much about the mistakes made but the fact that we learn from them. Sadly, such errors often find their way into our beauty regimen, especially when it comes to our hair. To make matters worse, not everyone that has suffered from these hairstyle mistakes recovers – they continue the vicious cycle.

Learning to identify which hairstyle mistakes we’ve made is an effective way to begin the process of correcting these issues for good.

Hairstyle Mistake: Pumping Up the Volume

If your hairstyle automatically brings to mind any of the following: Dolly Pardon, extreme beauty pageants or the ‘80s, chances are you’ve got way too much volume going on. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add more oomph to your tresses but turning to an all over volumizing style isn’t the right way to go about it.

Bring the right amount of volume to your hair by picking and choosing where you’ll add it. In most cases, the bangs are the perfect solution. Volumizing the bangs add dimension and height that can frame any face shape without looking over the top. Still feel like you’re missing something? If you want additional volume, turn to air drying your tresses after washing it. Run some anti-frizz and volumizing product through your hair and you’ll be all set.

Hairstyle Mistake: The Bad Kind of Bed Head

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a cool looking bedhead hairstyle. Unfortunately, most women are successful at achieving the bad looking type. The trademark appearance of bad bed head includes frizzy, unkempt tresses, as well as crazy, messy strands that look greasy and unflattering.

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The steps to getting a good bed head style aren’t difficult, it just takes time to learn and perfect. First, use your fingers to comb gently through your hair to add natural volume. Next, spray hair with a product that’s designed to add texture, hold and help separate the sections. As you work for your hands through your hair, you’ll easily recognize the areas that need more attention. Try pulling your tresses off to a low side ponytail, while keeping your bangs and other loose tendrils out front to frame your face.

Hairstyle Mistake: Overgrown Bangs

Fringe bangs are all the rage but if you don’t pay attention to the upkeep, including regular trims, overgrowing your bangs will only make you look like a sheepdog. The easiest solution is to obviously trim the hair so that it is at an appropriate length (no longer than the eyebrows is ideal).

Want long, overgrown bangs on purpose? Then opt for wispy bangs that frame the face or grow them out long enough so that the bangs can be swept to the side and stylishly tucked behind the ear.

Hairstyle Mistake: Pairing Too Dark Hair Color with Porcelain Skin

Sure, Katy Perry looks fabulous with her black tresses against her pale skin but she is a very rare exception. The everyday porcelain beauty with light eyes trying to sport jet black hair often makes them stick out like a sore thumb. Unless your plan is to look like a pinup model 24/7, it is best to avoid dying the hair a harsh, dark color because it will only make your complexion look washed out and dull.

Go dark the right way by choosing flattering dark shades like dark or medium brown. These shades are dark enough to be dramatic but light enough to not overpower pale skin.

Breaking Down the Human Hair

For many of us, hair care is nothing more than brushing, combing, shampooing, and conditioning. If you don’t know how the human hair works and what each part of it does, it may be hard for you to maintain the shiny, healthy and strong tresses you’ve always wanted. Instead of continuing your old.

When it comes to our hair, everyone is unique. That`s what makes choosing a hairstyle, a new color, or certain treatment, such an individual undertaking. Whether you`re on the straight and narrow, a natural redhead, or have battled with a lifelong tendency to look like you`ve been jolted.