Beating The Stress In The Workplace

workplace stressWe encounter a number of challenges at the workplace almost everyday. One of the biggest challenges is to cope well with the job stress. In fact, job stress not only affects our physical and mental wellbeing but can also be fatal at times.

It is often suggested that the best remedy to reduce stress and stay healthy at work is to keep your emotions under control. It is believed that a healthy person often deals with workplace stress in a positive way. But there are several other practical ways to stay healthy and deal with on-the-job stress.

Let us explore some essential options to stay healthy in office.

Pay attention to your health

One of the most important ways to keep your levels of stress low at work is to pay adequate attention to your health – both physical and emotional. This include having an overall healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, visiting the doctor at frequent intervals, getting engaged in some exercise or physical activities, and so on. A good lifestyle often makes you feel good. This in turn brings a lot of positive energy at home and at work and help you in managing stress more effectively at work.

Eat healthy at work

It is advisable to pack your own lunch. It is definitely a much better option than eating the junk food available in and around your office. These days a number of corporate offices provide healthy lunches to their employees. Lunch should be tasty and nutritious as well as simply. Try to have a balance the diet with some carbohydrate with vegetables, salads and a fruit.

You should also try to cut down on tea/coffee a number of times which often affects health. You should also drink a lot of water. One great way to remain healthy is to keep small portions of healthy snacks such as crackers and fruits to avoid eating unnecessarily. During the lunch break, you should go for a 5-minutes power walk everyday after lunch.

Practice emotional intelligence

This is one way to remain healthy at workplace and reduce a great deal of workplace-related stress. Once you start adopting emotional intelligence, you can gain a lot of self-confidence. This in turn helps in reducing tension and anxiety at work.

Remove negative thoughts

This is a very critical stage for an employee to remain physically and mentally healthy at work. Negativity at work often increases the level of stress in employees and leads to poor individual and team performance. A healthy person should always act as a positive role model to co-workers and subordinates and set realistic goals for himself to meet positively.

Take a break

It is very important to take a break from work for 5-10 minutes at least 3-4 times a day to invigorate your spirits. This is especially true for sedentary workers who sit in front of the PC monitor the whole day. When you feel stressed out while working, get up from your desk and walk around for sometime to relieve stress. It also helps in relieving body pain and backaches and soothes your eyes.