With the looming threat of North Korean missiles and the bitter cold just refusing to fuck off already, an excuse to “Party Rock” is exactly what SK needed to start this month off right. With all the hype around LMFAO’s live shows it would have been easy to coast on that rep and disappoint a few thousand people but I got what I came for Ninety minutes of Cali style party fever, loads of animal print and even concrete solutions to whiskey dick (the obstacle facing many modern lovers, according to the the lyrics of Party Rock).

Korean girls – and even some boys – were decked out in multicolored afros and flashing Minnie Mouse style bows, which didn’t go unnoticed by Redfoo himself: “I’m gonna use this – it’s just too good”, he announced. The crowd was packed but I somehow managed to push my way to the middle where the vibe was far more upbeat. As costume changes took place for every song the crowd patiently waited while I constantly was thinking the show was over, only to be surprised every time the Party Rock Crew took the stage again. I was also surprised to see a lack of smokeable drugs, even in Korea, but maybe that’s just the optimist in me.

Redfoo is currently holding an entire tour together solo due to the bad health of his nephew, Skyblue. Yet all by himself he can still command a stadium full of rabid screaming fanboys and girls who know every line to each track he spits regardless of their native tongue. The show was helped along by smoke, steam, dancers, lights, costume changes and banana hammocks (btw, if you’re unfamiliar with that last one you need to re-watch the Sexy and I know It video another 500 times).

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to see a handful of truly amazing performers at various times in my life and in various parts of the world. But when I think about what makes a great performer, whether its Iggy Pop humping an amp or a Russian ballerina with a perfectly balanced arabesque, the great ones are those who make it look easy and do it in their own way.  When I think of great showmen and women in the future I will have no choice but to include the likes of Redfoo.

The second act of that evening was his DJ set at the Walker Hill Hotel. Another great show but an entire other post in itself.

Words and images: Chana Lesser

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