For edition number four of our Chincha films event review series we asked our filmmakers to shoot the Aweh Block Party (under Zandari Festa), which involved a garage party thrown by yours truly. The filmmakers interviewed us, an event attendee, multi-disciplinary artist Cora Kobischka, and Shins (Mike Hampton), a UK garage/ house/ bass DJ who regularly plays on the Seoul scene.

What we learned from this experience is that we should stick to blogging and never attempt to speak in front of a camera ever again. And that we throw a good party :)

Find out more about the event and see some photography of it here.

Music by the ever-awesome Love X Stereo, who have a few new songs out this week on their SoundCloud.

Thanks to Mike Beech, Heather Yzaguirre, Rob Gillespie and Josiah Webster for making the video.

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