This summer shall not be over. The sun is currently hanging high and bright in a cloudless sky, so you must explore what Korea has to offer while it lasts. Last week Chincha!? went to Sokcho. Funnily enough it was during another week of rain, but we decided to take the risk and go anyway. Surprise, surprise, we stepped out of Seoul and the sun was shining. Sometimes I think Seoul has its own personal rain cloud.

Sokcho is definitely worth a visit if you want a beach town with a more Korean feel compared to the highly commercial Busan. The water on the east coast is cleaner than the west and the sand is nice and soft. It’s no Boracay, but it’s still nice for Korea.

Armed with inflatable tubes and a blow-up shark and dolphin, we embraced the sea. To my horror there were jelly fish everywhere. I looked around and saw all the kids playing in the water, so after throwing a little girly shriek I just went with it, and didn’t get stung.

The highlight and most important point of this article is a little gem of place called ‘House Hostel‘. It was amaZING! Besides the cute homely kitchen (where you can help yourself to free breakfast), a gorgeous outdoor seating area, rustic looking furnishings, free internet, laundry and bike rentals (I could go on)…drum roll please…the star of Sokcho is MR YOO! Mr Yoo has the exact qualities I want for my future husband; he’s kind, generous, smiley, and he has a big white dog. He sits you down upon arrival and explains the ins and outs of the hidden treasures of Sokcho by using a map. He speaks English very well and always looks happy.

Unfortunately on our second night the hostel was booked up, so Mr Yoo rang a nearby motel and got us a room. He even walked us around the corner and showed us where to go whilst standing waving until we were out of sight. I was stunned by how hospitable someone can be.

Sockho is no Hongdae, so don’t expect to rave until 7am in a club. However, you can do it the Korean way and have great seafood at the fishmarket or harbor, head to a soju and hof place, followed by a noraebang. All things we love about Korea.

Enjoy Sokcho now before the winter rolls in, take a dip in the natural hot springs there or hike the beautiful Seoraksan national park, which is nearby.

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