If you haven’t been to Platoon Kunsthalle yet then you should probably take the opportunity to do so from Wednesday September 7th, which is when the venue begins hosting the second annual The Creators Project: Seoul 2011. The Creators Project is a worldwide initiative powered by Vice magazine and Intel. It champions alternative artists who use technology as a means of aesthetic creativity – whether they produce art in the form of unconventional music, unorthodox visuals or enormous installations.

The project organises the artists they introduce on the website into their countries of origin, allowing a topographical evaluation of the art that is produced. Many of the artists will be associated with Korea and Seoul, although there will be material shown from all over the globe, such as a collaboration film between director Chris Milk and notorious indie-folk band Arcade Fire.

Put simply, this event is celebrating art that transcends the usual. Platoon as a venue suits the futuristic notion of much of the art that will be shown, including Tayeon Choi’s curious social videography and Lumpens‘ visually enticing, playful graphics. Different types of art and music will merge, with exciting performers such as Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger and Idiotape billed to play as a forefront against a backdrop of crazy hi-tech shizzle.

The Creators Project: Seoul 2011 is running over three days, from Wednesday September 7th to Saturday September 10th, To attend an evening event you must RSVP here. There is no need to RSVP to view the displays in the daytime – you can just turn up and peruse the installations from 11am.

For more information about Platoon as a venue and how to get there, click here.

Images: The Creators Project

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