Gigs, gigs and more gigs. This weekend is all about art, feelings, expression, music and performance; everything in the hipster bible. Hongdae, Gangnam and even Yongsan have events on, so there’s no excuse to stay in by your pixelated fire this weekend. It’s officially warm outside now (0 degrees).


Gogo Star, Super 8 Bit and Telepathy, Hongdae

Gogo Star are an electro-pop, post-punk indie band who always dress as though it’s Halloween and get the crowd pumping. Along with Super 8 Bit and Telepathy, this will be an electrifying night. It is at Sangsang Madang, a small but atmospheric venue in the center of Hongdae.

Tickets are 35,000W and the fun starts at 8pm.

Seoul Night

Seoul Night Feel Sound Vol. 4 is the biggest event in Hongdae this weekend. Music across 7 venues including FF, Gogos 2, and Freebird. It’s a wristband only kinda deal where you get access to a plethora of live music and DJ’s for just the standard 10,000W.


Super Sketch

This art explosion is hosted by our friends at Super Color Super. The night is a creative collaboration between artists and musicians which brings the audience into the mix by using overhead projectors in a platter of live art and psychedelic visuals which will be like nothing you have ever witnessed before. We attended a Super Sketch event before, so if you want an idea for what it will entail have a look at our preview post or if you prefer then here is the page.

It is at Platoon in Gangnam, 16,000W Pre-sale, 20,000W Door, 8pm-3am.

Dirty 30s

Dirty 30s are back in town with their first debut of 2012, huzzaaaah! They will be performing at Freebird in Hongdae. Armed with new tracks and a brand new drummer this will be a fabulous re-introduction back into the music scene here in Seoul. Welcome back Dirty 30s.

More information

Galaxy Express

Heavy Metal rockers Galaxy Express are in town this weekend, playing with Apollo 18 they will be tearing up the stage at Jeonja Salon, Yongsan. They are both on the alternative music scene and give a glimpse into nights in Seoul that offer something a little different to the usual indie pieces which are more prominent here in Korea.

For further Galaxy Express information .

Jimmy SK Open Studio Vol. 2

This is an afternoon artist event hosted at the Laughing Tree Gallery (up the hill in Haebangchon). There will be live T-shirt printing and the opportunity to browse artwork to find something to brighten up your work desk or your gloomy bedroom.

Saturday, Feb. 25th 2:00pm – 6:30pm
Sunday, Feb. 26th 2:00pm – 6:30pm

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Pictures from: Seoul Night Facebook, Loren, and Choi.

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