I think I can speak on behalf of all of Chincha when I say I have been excited about this weekend since last Sunday night. With St. Patrick’s Day falling on Saturday, there seems to be so much leprechaun-themed stuff going on and it’s likely everywhere is going to be bustling with people dressed in green and misbehaving.

Don’t worry though, we’ve included a number of alternative events too, just in case you totally hate the Irish.



Unionwaykrew are launching a punk rock show with a twist this Friday at Club Spot in Hongdae, in conjunction with VACANT project and StuntB skateboards.  While bands play in the club a mini skate competition will be held outside, promoting two subcultural elements that are rare in Korea. To find out more here’s a blog post on the Unionwaykrew website.

Club Octagon: St. Patricks Day Party

Hosted by Sky events at Club Octagon in Gangnam. Any kind of party in Gangnam is set to be off the hook, and this looks like no exception. Club Octagon is located within the New Hilltop Hotel and not a party to missed if you want something upmarket and different from the usual. Dresscode: Green and Gold.

for more information.

Multi at Luv

This is a St. Paddys day party at Luv in Itaewon. It’s cheap and cheerful, and you can’t go wrong with a messy night in Itaewon. There’ll be a couple of DJs to keep you going through the night and guestlist spots are available if you text the numbers on the 


Nanta Presents: St. Patricks Day Party

Nanta is amazing. It’s a wonderful show in an intimate theatre with the use of kitchen utensils and various food items to make music. The music runs aside a comedy story, a brief dialogue in Korean which is still incredibly easy to follow if you don’t know the language. It’s a great way to spend a date or to go with friends, and is worth every penny.

Dealicious brings you a special Nanta event, tailored for St Patricks day. All the details for this event can be found on the

Vidulgi Ooyoo, On Sparrow Hills, Wagwak, Angry Bear, Sighborgg + More!

To get your fix of Hongdae live music this weekend then look no further. This is at Hodge Podge, a venue upstairs from GoGo’s 2 which is a really cool bar and they do cheap beer and pitchers of long island ice tea. For more info – as per - .

Bassist Launching Party

It has been a widespread complaint for a long while about there being a lack of Drum & Bass nights in Seoul, however, it seems like this  is changing. We’ve seen a few nights on the rise recently and here’s another one to add to your diaries. Not only that but it’s in Apgujeong, a very swanky area of East Seoul.


Mr. Flex and DJ Rico

Drum & Bass not your thing? Maybe you should opt for some reggae music instead. You can’t go wrong with some reggae music to bust a move to. Club Obeg in Hongdae is hosting the last Mr. Flex show in Seoul before he heads back to the states. .

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

It’s that time of the year again where, Irish or not, everyone begins celebrations at 11am and this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Anything later is not in keeping with the spirit of St. Patricks day.

The most notable happening is the IAC’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival, a free event at the D-Cube Plaza in Sindorim from 12.30pm to 6pm, including live music performances, ‘hooleys’ (Irish parties), folk dancing and, most excitingly of all, face painting.

For a comprehensive list of a range of St. Paddys day celebrations around Seoul we suggest you check out 10 Magazine.

Finally, to get you in the mood, here’s our St. Patrick’s Day present for you.  Definitely jig-worthy!

Image: Unionwaykrew

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