There are so many things going on this weekend that it’s almost too exciting. Despite the fact that the blossoms are beginning to burst out and everyone is flocking to the Han River, there are still other places to be. Here are some of the best events this week.


The is hosting a special product launching party on this night. There will be an alternative black & white street photo shoot, and various other things going on. Get yourself down there from 7:30pm to join the party. There is an event page in Korean, for those who can read Korean better than ourselves.


2nd Fabs Weekend

Do you want to take your Friday night up a notch? Then add a bit of exclusivity into your life with a deal bought to you by . At the The Festa, Banyan Tree Club every Friday throughout April you can attend for free before midnight, plus receive a free drink. Dress like a lady/gent and mingle with Koreas high fliers – or anyone else who has taken advantage of this deal. See the event for more details.


Comedy show – 6 guitars

Chase Padgett is getting rave reviews from across the globe for his comedy act Six Guitars, which tells a story of five characters through the medium of music. A comedy night with a twist, it’s always good to start the night out laughing. For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

Venue: Moon Night

Tickets: 15000 won

Dates: Friday 13th/14th 9pm


Club District – Grand Opening

District is fairly new on the club scene and is having an official opening this weekend, which is likely to be massive. It is an elegant, stylish place, which is definitely a welcome venue to the somewhat grimy Itaewon. District also holds a bar and grill, with a great selection of beers and cocktails to start off your night. This weekend they have some pretty exciting acts – including a burlesque troupe and numerous DJs. Like District on Facebook and you can be kept updated on the opening and future events.


Crime Scene Sketch Night

If you like art, CSI, or are having withdrawal symptoms from the absence of Dexter in your life, then this could be right up your street. There will be an opportunity for you to draw a nude model in various poses (ooh, err!) such as stabbing, suffocation and suicide. We know it sounds random but it will definitely make for an interesting start to your Saturday evening. For details on how to take part, take a look .

The charity flea market FIFTY SEOUL has been ongoing for almost a year now and is always worth swinging by to pick up some second-hand or vintage at dirt cheap prices. We went to a previous market run by the same people at Customellow in Hongdae and took some pictures, if you’d like an idea of what it’s like. The location changes often and this time around the market will be at Suninjang Space ‘Ways of Seeing’ in Yongsan gu. To keep updated with times and changes check out the FIFTY SEOUL .

Rock도 Fundraiser 2

The purpose of this night is to raise money for a free summer festival, showcasing some of Korea’s biggest acts. It’s cheap at just 5000 won entry, with the promise of 5 bands (Magna Fall / Table People / The Rub / The March Kings), popular within the expat and local community. For more info, click

Lomography Film Canister Hunt

If you want a chance to get your hands on some free lomography stuff then check out this fun event in Hongdae this week. The Film Canister Hunt is for all analogue lovers and will consist of groups of 2~3 participants (it depends on the total number of participants on that day). Each team will have a photoshooting mission to complete during this event and the winning group will get a surprise prize.

The meeting point and time is 3-5pm @. They will give you some clues to help you search every nook and cranny to win your prize.

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