SuperColorSuper’s latest show in Hongdae was a rare treat for alternative music fans in Korea. Hosted at the elusive Club DGBD, the venue was packed to the rafters with Seoul’s indie intelligentsia. The venue itself is great, and has a real intimate and genuine atmosphere – the perfect place to showcase pg.lost, who now reputedly hold the korean record for longest-touring international indie-band after their 6 night tour of the country.

First up were local shoegazers , who were apparently influential in bringing the headliner to the peninsula. Their music weaved haunting vocals into an ethereal instrumental sound that mesmerised those in attendance. Keep an eye on these guys as they’re sure to turn up accompanying more incredible local acts.

Next were , local post-rockers who accompanied the headline act throughout the country. Writhing around on stage to their instrumental style of sonic-exploration, they really showed that the Seoul indie scene has a lot to offer.

Despite the talent of the supporting acts,  really blew the crowd away. Building mountainous soundscapes which were truly epic, in the original sense of the word, it’s hard not to lose yourself during their performance. The wall of sound projected from these Scandinavian rockers blasted blizzard-like into the baying crowd.

Thanks again to SuperColorSuper for bringing these guys to the peninsula, and to Club DGBD for providing the perfect backdrop for the Seoul-date of their tour.

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