It seems pretty quiet on the Seoul front this weekend, mostly due to the collective urge to flee the city for the long weekend. We’ve managed to find some worthy events anyway, so you can make the most of your three days off.


Baseball games

Attending a baseball game during your stay in Korea is a must, whether you’ve previously attended one in another country or not. We recommend attending on the weekend, even though Jamsil Stadium holds games every day (except Monday’s), as the stadium is generally busier, making for a better atmosphere. You won’t be able to indulge in the traditional American pastime of eating hot dogs at the game, but you will be able to snack on dried squid. Read a review of a baseball game we went to here and get schedule info here.

Latin American Cultural Festival

During the evenings this weekend there will be a variety of dance and music performances from Latin America, held at Cheonggye-cheon Square and Theater ‘YONG’ at The National Museum of Korea. For anyone who is interested in the culture of this part of the world, this could be a fun start to your Friday or Saturday evening. There will also be performances at different times next weekend, so check next week’s events for more details. Gwanghwamun Station is (stop 533) on the Subway it is line 5 Exit #2. For a list of performance times Korea4Expats has written them out in English.


HBC festival 2012

The twice-yearly HBC festival is located in the popular expat area Haebangchon, and is a party worth sticking around for if you don’t have plans for the long holiday weekend. Its sole intention is to celebrate music, life and art, with a fusion of live music in most of the bars/restaurants around Haebangchon; from solo acoustic artists to performances from indie bands. You can find all the details on the HBC festival website.


Adventure Korea

All of Adventure Korea’s trips are booked up for the long weekend, except for this one. There will be sea rafting, deep sea fishing, cycling around some islands and the opportunity to attend the famous Pumba Festival. This is a great opportunity for those who like being outdoors and want to make the most of having a Korean adventure before the weather gets too stifling. Take a look at Adventure Korea’s site for exact info.


World DJ Fest 2012

World DJ Fest is on this weekend at Yangpeong Festival Park, just outside of Seoul. Last minute tickets cost 99,000 won for a one-day pass or 120,000 won for two days. The line-up includes a variety of DJs dabbling in different genres of dance music. You can read all about the festival in our review of last year’s weekend, which also includes some useful news about this year. Or you can just head to the official website.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

One part of now-defunct, legendary British band Oasis will be coming to Korea on Buddha’s Birthday. This will be the ideal chance to check out this Gallagher skills in comparison with his brother Liam’s, who will be performing with his band Beady Eye at Jisan Rock Festival this Summer. Let’s hope he plays Wonderwall. Buy tickets for 99,000 won from Interpark.

As always, let us know in the comments if there are any events you think we should be talking about.

Image: Tororo

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