Cabin in the Woods – Exclusive Advance Screening

Cabin in the Woods is a sci-fi/horror film, brought to you in Seoul by SuperColorSuper and I & Movie. If you were planning on heading to the G’Old Vinyl Party next weekend then you can get two free tickets to the screening (limited to 40) by pre-booking now. The film was directed and co-written by Drew Goddard (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias, Lost, Cloverfield) and co-written and produced by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers), so excitingly, it seems well worth the watch. Plus, we all know you can’t beat the sound effects in the Cinema for that seat-gripping feeling. See more details .

For a visual sneak peak, watch the trailer below.


Rainbow Island Music and Camping Trip

The title is what initially sold us on this event, giving us a mental image of flowers, rainbows, ice cold beers, music and good timez with friends. Held on Nami Island, tickets to this festival include the return boat trip, performances by Jason Mraz and Christina Perri, along with other great acts including IDIOTAPE, The Koxx and Felix Da Housecat. Our favourite Korean Ska Band Kingston Rudieska will also be making an appearance – they were one of our highlights from last year’s Jisan Festival. You can check out one of their videos here. Tickets start from 88,000 won and all the event and venue info is in English on Interpark. Or you can visit the festival’s website. Summer is finally here!


Official Summer Dinner Party at Ashley’s

We let you guys know about one of these back in Spring, now is the time for the Official Summer Dinner party at Ashley’s restaurant. If you’re new to Korea the party sounds like a great way to meet people easily. Ashley’s is an all-you-can-eat Western buffet restaurant and for a fee of 35,000 won you can stuff yourself to your heart’s content with food AND unlimited wine. Held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, right in the heart of the city’s top party venue area, free entry to the nearby Club Answer is included in the dinner price. The group will be meeting at Yeoksam Station exit 7 at 7pm. You can find more details .

Final Flight / On Sparrow Hills Farewell Party

Club DGDB in Hongdae will be a good place to check out some live music this weekend. Admission is only 5,000 won and Saturday night will be the last chance to see popular expat band On Sparrow Hills, who are celebrating the launch of their album We Threw Away Our Histories – available to download for free from Friday 8th June at Loose Union. The band Table People will be playing a set from 11pm to get the night rolling. For more details on the event, check out the Facebook .

Burlesque Show

White Lies brings you a In Itaewon this Saturday night. If you are interested in witnessing some alternative entertainment this weekend, or just want to see some good-looking women dancing around in lingerie, then we would advise you to head to Moon Night for 9.30pm. The show starts at 10.30and has a 10,000 cover charge, including a free shot.


Flea Market

The designer clothing curators Daily Projects are hosting a flea market at their shop near Dosan Park (Gangnam) this Sunday. With brands such as Cassette Playa, Cheap Monday and Jeremy Scott being sold at the store, we can imagine that this flea market will be filled with second-hand goods from people who are into urban and street-style clothing. If you’re a fan of this kind of fashion here’s a map showing the location of the event.

Salsa Class and Party in Hongdae

Ever wanted to try Salsa dancing? Ever wanted to try Salsa dancing with unlimited beer? Well then, it would seem that this is the event for you. It sounds fun and definitely worth a try – if you’re able-bodied on Sunday after the rest of the weekend’s antics, that is. You’ll be instructed by a world-class professional salsa dancer in Bonita, Hongdae’s most popular Salsa club. The cost is 15,000 w0n (fee to the club alone is usually 10,000 won), plus the lesson and unlimited beer makes it an offer worth getting out of bed for. You can find all details on the event here.


Wordsmiths is a spoken word event comprised of local performers. With poetry, storytelling and musicians, there will also be an hour long open-mic session and a DJ set afterwards. The event is on from 5pm – 9pm, so will be pretty chilled. It’s at Flow in Itaewon and sounds like something different to help you wind down after a hectic weekend. Want more information? .

Featured image: Nami Island by Tororo

Above image: On Sparrow Hills by Mathew Brisebois

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