This weekend saw the return of the now infamous garage party hosted by VLUF. Chincha was there with bells on documenting the event – camera in one hand, beer in the other. The layout was somewhat different to the last party.  Although the location was the same, there was no rooftop access this time as the downstairs room had been booked for the event since it is bigger space. This was lucky since more people than predicted showed up to join the party. The atmosphere inside was electric.  It was not too crowded – there was the right number of people for there to be a good atmosphere, but not too many for us to be like sardines.

The Korean bands we saw were amazing, particularly Okinawa Kim Players.  The DJ was great too. He played mostly Drum & Bass, which makes a change from the usual house beats projected into our ears on a regular basis.

The police, however, were determined to ruin everything and showed up at around 10pm.  They had the party shut down by 1.30am. An organiser told us it was because they had received a noise pollution complaint, even though they had already received permission to hold the party from the businesses in the area.  Also, because there was no rooftop access this time too many people were congregating on the street outside, which was deemed as dangerous. We were disappointed because we were having loads of fun and we didn’t get to see all the bands we wanted to.  It couldn’t really be helped though, so we just did the honorable thing and finished our night in Hongdae instead.

There will be another VLUF soon.  Watch this space…

What did you think of the VLUF party?

Pictures and words by Tororo.

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