Just like at Mudfest we got help from Chincha readers with capturing Jisan Valley Rock Festival, so that we could get a varied perspective of the event. The following photos are a selection of the best from the #chinchajisan Instagram hashtag.

Beautiful flowers and a semi-naked man in the background by @chinchamag

This-a-way by @tallullahelle

Saturday sunset by @chinchamag

Hongdae’s Vinyl cocktail bag bar recreated at Jisan! by @tallullahelle

The crowd at Motion City Soundtrack by @chinchamag

Promotional Daum, Dr. Marten’s and DemiSoda balloons at Jisan by @chinchamag

The Stone Roses by @kasia1981

Beady Eye at Jisan by @kasia1981

Cool Korean girl by @kasia1981

Trees by @terrifictor

Ripped up programme by @colleenwhately

Shoes at the river by @terrifictor

Music, camping, mountains, perfection by @arazuef

Oh hi Thom Yorke by @arazuef

Enjoying Owl City on an inflatable sofa by @kasia1981

ABBA or is it AC/DC? by @kasia1981

Sleepy time by @kasia1981

James Blake headlining Saturday night by @tallullahelle

Sunday night fireworks by @kasia1981

You can see all the pictures here.

Images thanks to @arazuef, @kasia1981, @tallullahelle, @terrifictor, @colleenwhately. Some are from our official Instagram account: @chinchamag.

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