Yewwww.  Have you been feeling sick and tired of all the same Hongdae nights out recently? I know I have; there are only so many KGB’s one can drink outside Exit without feeling like everything’s getting a little stale.

Luckily, new venue is opening this week, and will be launching to the general public with a special festival this very Friday night.  Situated near Noksapyeong Station –  a mere subway stop away from Itaewon, POWWOW promises to be a ‘central locus for those who eat, sleep and breathe creativity.’  What this means in general terms is that its facilitators Open Your Eyes Booking, SuperColorSuper and visual artist SSEO (along with other creatives from Seoul’s artistic community), want POWWOW to be a space for DIY art and music.

They have plans for All Ages shows, expanding the music scene by showcasing both international and Korean acts, and encouraging public and intern-led art and sound events.  Basically, if you have a party idea the POWWOW team like, they can help you make it a reality.

POWWOW have an awesome-looking launch fest coming up (details below), plus 17 year old DJ will be appearing on the 18th of August, and Canadian band will be debuting POWWOW’s Thursday night concert series on the 6th of September.

Having visited the venue to check it out mid-completion, I can’t wait to see the finished result of POWWOW.  More than this, though, I’m keyed up about the community aspect of the space and the prospect of alternative concept events that could be happening on a weekly basis.  I’m also excited about Chincha‘s involvement – watch this space for upcoming stuff organised by us.


THE MUSIC: Analog Freak, No Respect For Beauty, Trampauline, 4Brothers, Vidulgi Ooyoo, Bimilie, Googolplex, Swimmingdoll, Toyshop, 24Hours, Gogo Second Time Virgin, 49Morphines, Maundrie Fox, Tierpark, sssighborgg, Juck Juck Grunge, Gi Chii, Table People, Elec Stick, Mennemaggiy, Love X Stereo
Afterparty: G’OLD Korea Vinyl Deejays

THE ART: 이천성, Britt Kee Irvin, Chloe, Gong (Wild Rose tattoo), Saz so,  Seulki, Helldog
Ticket- 8,000W per  day Aug 3,4,5
August 2nd free (guest list only)

Words by Loren Cotter.  Images show the process of decorating the venue, DIY style, and are courtesy of .  Click on the link for more details, including how you can get involved.