Chincha will be heading to Korea Burn this weekend for a huge beachside, Nevada desert-style celebration. We’re going to be filming the fun and getting you guys to tell us about your festival experience in return for hugs, stickers and soju shots.

It’s likely you already know about the much-hyped festival set on Gijipo Beach in Anmyeon, Taean-Gun (기지포 해수욕장), Korea. Inspired by Burning Man USA, the week-long event which culminates in setting a wooden figure in flames in celebration of radical inclusion, self-expression and community, Korea Burn plans to be a slightly smaller, just as awesome version of this.

Because the location is practically in the middle of nowhere, at a national park, and because of the community aspect of Korea Burn, festival attendees (known as ‘burners’) are encouraged to bring all the supplies they’ll need to last a night in the great outdoors. Katlyn, one of the event organisers, has dubbed it ‘hardcore camping’, meaning you’re going to need to bring a tent, bedding, food provisions, alcohol, water, best friends (important), and crazy costumes (even more important), along with whatever else you think you’ll need. You could always bring extra stuff for others, too, since this festival underlines sharing and caring.

Just like us with our Chincha camp, burners have been coming up with a variety of useful, unusual and just downright weird ideas for entertaining, feeding and helping people out. Our favourites include the camp that’s handing out bacon in exchange for poetry and the guys who will be giving away breakfast cocktails on Sunday morning. And it’s not just about the camps. There’ll be free expression, impromptu performances, and planned shows from some established musicians in Korea, including some heavy d&b from regular Seoul night Bass Attack.

Although this festival is totally free, the organisers do have a Kickstarter campaign ongoing so that they can invest in important facilities for everyone to use. We’ll let them tell you all about it in case you can spare some cash to support this much-anticipated event:

To get to Korea Burn you can take a public bus to Anmyeong and then a 10-minute taxi to the beach, join one of the , or jump onto one of the various other buses being arranged.  Find out more about Korea Burn on the or English blog and don’t forget to sign up to attend

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