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10 Reasons to Love Winter in Korea

10 Reasons to Love Winter in Korea

Did you know Korea has four seasons? Winter is definitely the worst one, so I decided to draw up a list of things to look forward to to stop me from crumpling into an icy heap of depression. Ondol (underfloor heating) Leaving your heating on all day and night might ruin the environment, not to...
Cafe Bau Haus: Hongdae's Dog Cafe

Cafe Bau Haus: Hongdae’s Dog Cafe

Cafe Bau Haus beats the cat cafe I went to hands down. There are dogs to play with who aren’t sedated and it doesn’t smell as bad. Plus, you don’t have to pay to go in. You only have to buy a drink, which is fine since the beverage selection is extensive. They have coffee,...