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Korea's Animal Casualties

Korea’s Animal Casualties

During a lesson on describing animals, I asked my students about South Korea’s national animal. Foreheads wrinkled. Eyes glanced sideways. “Tiger?” said one student. “Bear?” said another. They looked to their Korean teacher for help. No-one was sure. In the 20 classes I taught that week, none of my 700+ students could provide a confident...
귀엽다 Korea: The World's (Second) Cutest Nation

귀엽다 Korea: The World’s (Second) Cutest Nation

Well aware of the cutesy aesthetic that pervades Asian pop culture (only living under a bush for a decade or two would have saved me from Hello Kitty), I was not surprised to find that animated and caricatured figures formed the basis of marketing campaigns for nearly every pre-school, clothing brand, and even toilet seat...