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Barterlines: A New Model for 'Consuming' Art in Seoul

Barterlines: A New Model for ‘Consuming’ Art in Seoul

Eloquence Magazine‘s new Itaewon headquarters will play host to a two-day art fair taking place this weekend. The pop-up exhibition operates on a barter system whereby participants trade their wares for goods or services. This means attendees can potentially swap cupcakes for a sketch, a photography shoot for a painting or studio assistance for a...
Street Art and Steel Factories in Mullae, Seoul's Art Village

Street Art and Steel Factories in Mullae, Seoul’s Art Village

To many, Seoul is a city that is stark and clean. Cloned, white high-rise apartment buildings are replacing old, demolished houses, and graffiti and street art is rare. Some neighborhoods have yet to be redeveloped, such as my neighborhood in northeast Seoul, comprised of 1970s style houses with kimchi pots and gardens on rooftops. Others are slowly being converted,...


Wowsan is a blog that focuses on the contemporary and artistic side of South Korea, making it an online haven for discovering some of the peninsula’s more obscure design, art, fashion and music. Since the site also features engrossing interviews with creative types, we took a leaf out of its book and quizzed Wowsan’s founders...