As well as talking about fashion, music, events, photos and other random things relevant to Korea, we will also be bringing you information about local artists in and around Seoul. There’s so much inspiration and art and creativity going on around us that it would be silly not to feature some of it here. Stand by for more information and updates on the art scene over on Seoul side.

Hea-Won Kim is the first person we are going to feature, who goes by the name of Wonny Bunny. She is an incredibly talented illustrator with a personality that’s even more gorgeous than her drawings. Her nationality is Korean, but she spent a while studying in the Netherlands, where a part of her heart still lives.

As well as producing cute and quirky art, Wonny Bunny is a photographer. Looking through the lens of her camera is actually better than seeing things in real life, and the images that she creates have a dreamy quality that makes looking at them completely addictive. She has previously been witnessed saying that photography is all about “capturing memories”, a comment representing many more you can find on her website and blog, both of which are filled with pretty poems and insightful quotes.

Wonny Bunny is available for freelance work and can be contacted by email on , on facebook at or on twitter . Other than illustrating and creating she loves reading and is keen to go to the zoo soon. She likes making friends so write to her on the address that can be found here with an invite to see the animals. Make sure you sprinkle the envelope with love and kisses first.

(Images: and Hea Won Kim)

If you know any other awesome artists or creatives working/ studying/ playing in Korea that you think we should feature, email us their work and information to .

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