Lomography is a brand which has an online shop selling replicas of old cameras such as the Diana F+ and the Holga. They also sell some tiny cameras which take 35mm prints and produce a variety of different effects. They write an online magazine which is totally dedicated to film and experimental photography. I’ve got a few lomography cameras, and I like them more than my SLR.

They are way more fun to take pictures with, the exposure is great, and the different effects that can be gained from using different cameras and films is loads more interesting than the perfect images gained from using an SLR.

Summertime is lomography time. The pictures below are from my action sampler, super sampler and a few from my friends Diana F+, which I borrowed; although my Diana pictures aren’t very good. My Diana Mini with a killer blinding flash has a film in it at the moment, and will be developed soon hopefully. Supersampler shots are from summer 2009, action sampler summer 2010 and the Diana prints are from earlier this year.


There is a Lomography store in Hongdae, Seoul, which sells everything your Lomo-loving heart could ever desire. It is just around the corner from the park. There’s a cafe, it sells films and cameras, and it even sell clothes. There’s a massive wall covered in printed photos from various different cameras and the staff are very friendly.

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