Jisan Valley Rock Festival is one of Korea’s largest and most talked about annual music festivals, drawing huge international acts and music fans from all over the peninsula.

Since the 2012 edition of the festival is coming up from Friday, we thought we’d repost last year’s snapshots to give you an idea of what to expect from one of our favourite weekends of the year.

Some highlights of 2011 include splashing around in a swimming pool to JYP’s Itaewon Freedom (and later the whole of Brazilian indie hipster band CSS’s set), reliving high school to the sounds of Jimmy Eat World, sleeping in an ants nest, rocking out to the always-awesome Chemical Brothers, witnessing sublime Korean indie bands The Koxx and Glen Check for the first time, spending far too much time flitting between the Bacardi and Jagermeister tents, and generally having a wet, muddy, fabulous festival time.

Having studied this year’s line-up extensively, just like everyone else making their way to the ski resort we’re most looking forward to Radiohead’s Friday night performance, preluded by Elvis Costello.  The Stone Roses are another iconic British band on the line-up that are a must-experience, while post-dubstep singer James Blake, the instigator of this spine-tingling cover of , is who we’ll be gazing at from the front row of the Big Top Stage come Saturday evening.

On our list of the more underground bands to witness are indie bands Peterpan Complex and Glen Check, older rock band Nell, electro artist Idiotape and heavy rockers Apollo 18. All of these singers are Korean acts, most of whom will be appearing on the Red Stage, which is usually the area that stays open the latest for festival revelers to enjoy.

Here’s the timetable for this year’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Dealko Korea are currently offering tickets for a discount price of 210,000 won for a weekend pass.  

Are you going to Jisan this year? What are you most looking forward to?

Written by Loren Cotter

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