Maybe you are one of the many lucky souls who has a day off today. Perfect day to…sit inside with artificial air wafting onto you. Well, it’s a good excuse to get a headstart on weekend plans if you’re camping out in your AC. And we’ve got ‘em served up like an icy bowl of bingsu. In any case, the  will be bringing you chill, artistic relaxation in mere days at Gangnam’s Platoon, see below for more.

future shorts

FUTURE SHORTS 2013 Summer Season! 

Yours truly, Chincha, along with Platoon Kunsthalle will be hosting the summer season of FUTURE SHORTS, Seoul’s share of the world’s biggest pop-up film festival, a night that celebrates select short films by international award-winning filmmakers. Doors will open at 7:30pm and the films will start at 8:15pm. The after party will, aptly, be after the films. Get psyched for fresh films! Tickets are W10,000 at the door. Scan our for more.


Korea Touch Association (KTA) Touch Rugby Tournament

If you can take the heat, or just want to watch others suffer, the Korea Touch Association (KTA) will be holding a Saturday tournament from 9am-3pm in Hangang Park at Jamwon. Take Apgujeong station to get there.

Climbing in Korea Hike to Odaesan

Eight seats remain for Climbing in Korea’s Odaesan hike this Saturday. Designated as the 11th national park in Korea in 1975 Odaesan is touted as a beautiful mountain. The hike includes a peak followed by a valley with waterfalls. Climbing fee is W22,000 won which includes round trip transportation. The group will depart from Sport Complex Station on Line 2 at 7:15am. The Meetup page has further info.

Shindig returns

The Shindig! boys return to MWG in Hongdae with a go-go inspired night of killer tunes and exotic rhythms. With resident DJ’s playing Rockabilly, Motown, Surf Rock & More.. also featuring 2 special live shows from the NAVAH group, dancing to a selection of tunes from Tarantino’s finest movies. 8000W on the door and they’ll throw a free drink your way. Here’s .


CITYBREAK Concert Fest Featuring Muse and Metallica 

Metallica and Muse co-headline this weekend’s hard rock concert weekend sponsored by the Hyundai Card. You can also throwback headbang to Limp Bizkit, Rise Against, Iggy and the Stooges and others, including Korean artists like Spyair and Kwon Soon Gwan. Ticket information can be had here.

7 to 7 Ultra Marathon Festival

If the devil has possessed you, and you think you can run from dawn til dusk…7 to 7 has got you covered. The run goes from Yeongdong-5-gyo to Gaepo-dong station. for more info.


Studio Ghibli Layout Design Exhibit in Seoul @ Hanagram Design Museum

The exhibition will feature production sketches from the beloved Japanese animation studio that created such films as “Spirited Away,” “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Ponyo.” The show will open at the Hanagram Design Museum on Saturday 22nd of June and continue until September 22nd. For more, check out Blouin Art Info.

Alphonse Mucha Exhibit @ Seoul Art Center

Not only is the Seoul Arts Center showing , including Hayao Miyazaki himself, they’ve also got the work of legendary artist and designer Mucha on display. The exhibition of the Art Nouveau icon’s elaborate work is creating a storm amongst Seoul’s art lovers. Swing by the Hangaram Art Museum to take a look. The exhibition will run untilSeptember 22nd. Tickets are 12,000 won.

Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat Wonderland” @ PLATEAU

Takashi Murakami and his weird figures and drawings make up the world he calls “Superflat Wonderland”. You can check out this cutesy microcosm at PLATEAU in the Samsung Museum of Art. Freshness Mag have referred to him as one of the most influential artists in Asia right now and have a map to Plateau as well as some shots from the exhibit on their website.

By Charlotte Hammond