Western ladies (and men) usually have an advantage in eastern lands with the men (and ladies). Probably because we look so different, and are apparently their stereotypical image of beauty. I have heard it all before; “You have high nose” or “Oh such small face”. All are compliments that we are probably not familiar with back home. Still, it’s flattering nonetheless and I’m not going to complain about receiving compliments.

I have not been one to want a Korean boyfriend for no reason in particular, it’s just my own personal taste. There are however a bunch of you ladies out there who do; and let’s face it, the western guys out here are often (not always) considered to be somewhat unreliable. So I am sharing my wisdom with you, in the form of a YouTube video, to give you all the tips you need on hooking yourself a Korean hottie.

It’s foolproof.

Featured image: cafepress.com

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