What a weekend. Regardless of our bodies feeling like they’ve been inside a Korean washing machine, it was well and truly worth it.

Rolling up to Walker Hill hotel, we were met by what seemed to be a huge line. Daunting as it was, it went down pretty fast. The venue itself was upscale, making a big change to some of the usual grubby live music venues in Hongdae. It was unusual to have toilets with toilet paper, soap and clean mirrors. The staff were pretty friendly, with bars dotted around and no major lines. Then danger struck: ‘beer sold out’. This was at 11:30, so either they didn’t plan well or they lied and never had any in the first place. The next best thing was Jager Redbull at 10,000 won a pop. Ridiculous. This prevented a lot of people from drinking, due to the limited choice.

The music was amazing. Astro Voize, the DJ before Boys Noize, did a great job of getting people warmed up, mixing old classics with house and electro music. When Boys Noize came on stage, people were packed in like sardines, but this didn’t stop people from dancing like nobody was watching. He had a great stage presence and one notable fact was that he was often smiling, hands up in the air, getting the crowd excited. After Boys Noize the night was not over; Korean DJ KINGmck hit the stage, again feeding our dancing feet. The crowd soon halved in size though, probably because people wanted to get back to Hongdae. This is either because they can’t have a night without it or just to get a decent drink. Or both. All in all, the night was a hit, but now I just feel a bit empty inside.

Thank you Boys Noize.

Pictures by Tororo

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