We’re shaking things up a little this week by starting our events post midweek, to end the following week. This means the week will start on Thursdays, and finish the following Wednesday from now on.

Deerhoof Live at Sangsang Madang and Cafe Bbang – Friday 9th and Saturday 10th

Regular readers will already be well informed about these two Deerhoof gigs, and the fact that we’re giving away a Deerhoof vs. Evil album to one lucky winner, to be announced on Friday 9th. The competition is still on, so have a gander at our previous post to find out all about the upcoming concert, and then ‘like’ it on Facebook for a chance to win a freebie.

Hospital Photography Exhibition at Mansion – Friday 9th

are regular camera-wielders at the largest events in Seoul, so it makes sense that an exhibition of their work would mean a big fuck-off party. The event is at Club Mansion in Hongdae, with an extensive list of DJs (including KINGMCK, who is wicked), a smart and sexy dress code, and a 20,000 won entrance fee. Here’s the if you want to scout around for more details.

Free Volleyball Tickets – Saturday 10th

Dealicious Korea have sorted out free women’s volleyball tickets on Saturday, which is a pretty alternative Saturday out. More importantly, you’ll also get supplied with a free burger, just for gracing the courts with your presence. Everything you need to do to sign up can be found on .

Santacon Seoul 2011 – Saturday 10th

For anyone who is unaware of this interesting phenomenon, Santacon is a congregation of individuals wearing Santa outfits, all meeting together in a prolonged flashmob style. This is the fourth annual Seoul Santacon and it’s growing every year, with an estimated 400-500 Santas showing up throughout the night in 2010. If you want to join in with the fancy dress festivities, turn up at Beer O’Clock (who are putting on drinks specials for the occasion) in your best St. Nick outfit before 7pm, and get ready to ride the subway to Hongdae en masse. For all the information, click .

Angry Bear CD Release Show – Saturday 10th

Remember Angry Bear, the expat rock band we interviewed a while back? They’ve gotten in touch to let us know they’ll be celebrating the release of their newest album at Club Ta in Hongdae. The show starts at 11pm, check for all the details.


We miss good beer, but we miss real cider even more. By real cider we mean the alcoholic kind, the stuff that tastes good mixed with lager and blackcurrant squash. Not lemonade. Never lemonade.

Street Beer have about a million (eleven) kegs of the cider stuff, specially brewed from Korean apples. Get to at 6pm sharp on Saturday night – before we guzzle them all.

Images: Tororo, , KimchiNews

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