Pg.lost are a Swedish band with a gorgeous, melancholic sound which is as unusual as it is haunting. They are currently touring Asia and are heading to Korea for a 6-day tour of the peninsula, a record breaking feat due to it being the longest of its kind from any international band visiting. Since there seems to be so much hype surrounding their visit, which is the first of Super Color Super‘s much-awaited Spring Line-Up, we decided to get in touch with the guys to learn more about their music, their background, and why you should head to one of their concerts.

Firstly, can you introduce your band to our readers?

We are pg.lost from Norrköping, Sweden and we started in 2004 as a project just for fun on the side of our other bands. We wanted to experiment with playing instrumental/post-rock type of music. After a while we grew bigger then our other bands we had at that time and in 2007 we released the “Yes I Am” Ep. Since then we’ve toured Europe a number of times and released two full-length albums. Now just before we release our third album named “Key” we go on our second Asian tour, which also includes Korea.

You received a lot of press when you formed because an American guy tried to rip off your music. What happened?

Well it was maybe 6 or 7 years ago from before we had released anything. We had recorded some things in our rehearsal space and uploaded it on some music site (this was before myspace, soundcloud, facebook and all of that) that I don’t remember the name of. Then after some time an American band who also had their music stolen contacted us and said this guy had got a record released with songs from different bands that he took from the internet. Just plain luck that this american band recognized our songs. We tried to get in touch with him but he just disappeared. At first we got angry but then we didn’t care too much about it. The songs he stole where demo stuff not recorded properly and it sounded like crap to be honest, haha!

Your music is very instrumental. Was this a deliberate choice from the conception of the band or did this style of music come about naturally?

It came naturally. From the beginning this band was just a fun thing to try out new stuff on the side of our other bands, but it grew to be the main band after a while. We have vocals on almost every song, but it’s more like an extra instrument and we only have one song with lyrics. We’ve always felt that normal vocals are unnecessary in our music.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From everything. Listening to great music, touring, people around us etc. It is hard to say exactly what, it’s just life in general. This new experience of going to Korea will definitely inspire us.

You’re currently on your Asian tour. Any highlights so far?

Everything has been good so far. Meeting nice people and eating a lot of good food. The crowds have been awesome, they are very open minded and warming. There have been a lot, which is something that warms us the most and is very humbling. So the whole thing has been a highlight by itself and I think we have a bunch of highlights still to come.

Will this be your first time in Korea? We heard the tour that you’re doing – six gigs in six days – will be the first of its kind from an international band? That’s awesome!

Yes it will be our first time in Korea. We are always happy to explore new places and ever since it was confirmed we were going to Korea we’ve been really looking forward to it. We were also a bit surprised that no international band had done a tour like this before, we feel very privileged. We hope that the people in Korea will like what we bring them.

So what are you looking forward to most about visiting here?

To see new things, meet new people and to play in front of a whole new audience. We’re very curious about how we’ll be greeted.

Thanks! We’ll leave our readers with a taster of what they can experience at your Korea gigs from your recent Shanghai performance.

For information on how to get your hands on a ticket, visit the SCS website.

Images: pg.lost by Jason Mellstrom

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