Fancy yourself a photographer? Interested in documenting the expat experience in Korea? Want to finally put that iPhone camera to better use than checking your hair and taking pictures of your own face? Well, then welcome to what can only be described as a groundbreaking moment in the history of Korean expat blogs.

From today, we will be giving you the opportunity to flaunt your photo skills by submitting your pictures to our new Chinchagram contest. Each month we will issue a challenge to you with an accompanying theme, and we want you to send us your best images to be featured on our website. All you have to do to submit your photos is post them to Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr and by using the chincha-developed innovation known as a “hashtag” your images will instamagically make their way to us through the internets.

Our seasonal theme this April will be the return of spring. We want you to send us evidence that the cold and darkness is finally in retreat and that Seoulites can once-again breathe the fresh, yellow-dusty air of the fine outdoors.

“So how do I enter?” I hear you cry. Simply post your image to your favourite of the three social networks mentioned above with the tag #chinchagram and we will get your submission. These new-fangled social-doothingys too modern for you? Feel free to send your photos by carrier pigeon. Otherwise, follow us at the links below to see our favourite submissions.


We might even send the winner some candy.


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