DOTMOV2012 Festival is hosted by SHIFT magazine, who will be presenting the talents of new and gifted filmmakers in an international film fest. Digital films and works from all over the globe will be showcased across various locations worldwide, including Hong Kong, London, Stockholm and New York, from November 2012.

The tour schedule hasn’t been announced, so exact locations within cities worldwide are still to be decided, but going on last years 208 submissions from 18 countries the festival is set to be a momentus event in the film world.

If you want to submit a piece, the contest is open to anybody and the submission date started on May 15th. The closing date for submissions is 20th August 2012. The only restrictions are it has to be a digital format such as an animation, music video or design and then uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

Aspiring filmmakers, get involved!

For more information visit  SHIFT’s website.

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