Last weekend Seoul’s very own Unionway Krew brought the city a tattooed-fistful of talent from the peninsula and beyond. With a line-up boasting the best of the local scene plus guests from Japan, both the local boys and the visitors blew the crowd away.

If you made it to Prism Hall on Saturday night you may have had a hard time believing that you were still in the same country that brought you T-ara and sold out a stadium full of tickets for LMFAO. The crowd outside Prism was a collection of glue-haired punks, leather clad bikers and oily teenagers wearing their memories of past tours on their T-Shirts. From five o’clock till after the subway closed these guys were out in force, emptying beer cans into their gullets and befuddling locals.

The venue itself is set up well for live music; great sound, incredible light show and so-juice (soju and orange juice) cocktails for 3000 won. Of course, if you were feeling fancy you could go for the slightly more refined soju and tonic for the same price. Both the native acts and the guests were received well by the crowd who, though relatively tame to start, were soon building themselves a pit after a few so-juices, which became a blur of knees and elbows after a few more, and then a crowd-surfing platform after a few more. Though the bands varied in style; from hybrid-Korean melodic pop-punk, through Heavy Biker-metal, skate-punk, and at one point some form of mandolin-based, Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune cover; the consistency came from the raw energy they played with. A special mention goes to Radiots from Osaka, who made an enormous splash with their dive into the Seoul music scene. Next time they fly over do not miss a chance to see them.

It seems like Korean punk revolves around Unionway, who did yet another amazing job of uniting their scene and showcasing it to newcomers. Special thanks to them for organising this, and to their sponsors VACANT Project, Bastard, Ratbat, Monster Drink, Nike SB, and StuntB Skateboards.

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