UNIQLO have just released a new app available on both the Iphone app store and on Android. Named UNIQLO WAKE UP, it’s an alarm-based app that gently wakes you up with one of seven musical selections, composed by internationally-commended Japanese musicians Yoko Kanno and Cornelius.

The cool thing about this app is that it uses GPS technology to determine which of the seven tunes will lull you out of your sleep, depending on the weather conditions outside. Whether it’s cloudy, rainy or sunny, you’ll be informed with soft vocals in your choice of English or Mandarin Chinese before you even open your eyes.

Once the app has informed you of the time and the day of the week (let’s face it, we all get confused sometimes), as well as if your high-rise apartment is currently in the throes of an avalanche, you can share the information on your local weather forecast and your personal wake-up time on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These details will then be plotted on the UNIQLO WAKE UP world map so you can keep up-to-date with the sleeping patterns of your friends back home and can even smugly compare how much better your day is going to be than theirs. Unless it’s monsoon season, the yellow dust-filled spring or that six months of Baltic winter. Then you’re screwed.

For more on this app check out the official website or click on the moving banner to the right of this page.

This post was sponsored by: UNIQLO.

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