As you undoubtedly already know, we here at Chincha love live music. That’s why try to keep you up to date on all the big international names touring the peninsula. That’s also why we exploded with sheer joy and excitement when we saw the bill for this year’s Super!Sonic festival in Olympic Park. With a line-up to make even Jisan ticket holders weep with envy, this August Super!Sonic will bring the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins, New Order, Tears for Fears, Soulwax, Foster the People, Gym Class Heroes and the Vaccines to Seoul’s Olympic park. For almost anyone with half an iTunes library these names are big enough to shake you from your K-pop induced torpor. However, for the taste-impaired amongst you here comes a run-down of what you can expect from each of the big names announced. If you’ve never heard of the Smashing Pumpkins before don’t worry, we’re not angry with you. Just disappointed and really, really surprised. Having reformed in 2005 with new members, but under the direction of founder and lead songwriter Billy Corgan, expect a wealth of classics plus new material from their album Oceania, which is released this June. New Order rose out of the ashes of the world’s first post-punk band Joy Division in 1980. Not happy with simply changing the course of punk music and influencing generations of musicians with their first band, New Order went on to pioneer synth-rock British dance music through the 80s and beyond. Now performing with an almost original line-up, don’t miss these titans of rock history. Next up is Tears for Fears, another influential British-rock giant. Having split in the early 90s and worked separately for a decade, the duo reunited in 2001 and were brought to the attention of a new generation through the inclusion of their tracks Mad World and Head Over Heels on the 2002 cult film Donnie Darko. Soulwax, also known by their alter ego 2manydjs, are a Belgian alt-rock and dance-punk act who have been releasing tunes and remixes since 2004. Having worked with and remixed some of the biggest legends of alternative rock and electro house, the duo now work mostly on their project Radio Soulwax, in which they broadcast 24-hour long streams of music and visuals across the internets. American indie rockers Foster the People will also be playing. Having achieved widespread recognition last year with their sleeper hit Pumped Up Kicks, the LA group will be bringing their fuzzy pop indie to Seoul. They will be joined by emo-inspired, New York, hip-hop rockers Gym Class Heroes. Playing their unique brand of live hip-hop inspired by the American emo acts of the naughties, Gym Class Heroes set will be a real treat for fans of authentic Hip-Hop in this city. Last up are the Vaccines who after being propelled into the spotlight through the social media hype machine sold out their first gig in London, playing to members of Franz Ferdinand, Mumford and Sons and the Maccabees. Getting to Olympic Park for their set may be the closest you can get to Shoreditch from here. All of this from the comfort of your own city – the festival will be taking place in Olympic Park at both indoor and outdoor stages. No putting up tents in the wind and rain, no knee-deep mud, and certainly no hour-long line to the portaloos. This incredible line-up will be accompanied by yet more unannounced acts which may help Super!Sonic swing Chincha’s favourite festival of the year from Jisan. For more info on Super!Sonic see their website or check them out on . Written by Gary Moran. Here are some and here are some . Image taken last year at Jisan.

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