Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) is a website that was set up to help people all over the world learn Korean in a simple and easy manner. Through the use of podcasts, downloadable PDFs and weekly vocabulary lists, the website makes learning Korean easy and fun. TTMIK have different levels as part of a self-created curriculum, from learning the Korean alphabet to more advanced grammar and conversation topics. The site is an excellent platform for learning, with lots of extras to help keep the motivation flowing – from testing your knowledge on free-talking conversations, to writing practice.

Chincha: How many people are on the TTMIK team? Introduce yourselves!

TTMIK: There are currently 9 people on the team. We’re all friends and coworkers at the same time, and are very passionate about making it enjoyable to learn Korean.

How did you get started?

We wanted to make it easy to learn to actually speak Korean. There are already many books and websites that could help people get started learning Korean, but we realized that people were having trouble continuing with their studies because it wasn’t fun and they lost motivation. So we wanted to make a site where it is fun to learn Korean, and where students could really interact with the teachers. We started with the goal of helping people learn Korean and eventually be able to “talk to us in Korean”.

We’ve used your site many a time to learn Korean and always find it clear, helpful and funny. Do you enjoy making the podcasts? Are they totally scripted or do you just go off topic sometimes and incorporate this into the lesson?

Thank you so much for using our site and studying with us! Even though a lot more work goes into the production of the lessons that it seems on the surface we have a lot of fun making the podcasts. Our lessons are not always scripted, sometimes we start with some key points written down and printed but we improvise a lot and joke a lot too.

What advice do you have for someone trying to learn Korean and stay motivated?

Not just with Korean, but no matter what language you are learning or how hard you study, if you don’t get to “use” the knowledge you acquired from studying, you will forget it and lose motivation very quickly. It’s best to practice a lot with native speakers, but if you can’t you can always practice online – through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media services. Never study alone or quietly. Share your progress with people and actively look for ways to speak or at least write Korean online. If you want to get corrections on your practice sentences, we have a 1:1 correction service called HaruKorean, too.

What do you think is the most important part of learning a language?

Motivation, without a doubt. If you don’t feel motivated even the easiest language in the world (although there is no such thing) is impossible to learn. There are many things that can motivate you to learn Korean. K-dramas or K-Pop songs, or your Korean friends can motivate you, and we hope TalkToMeInKorean itself can be a motivation for the learners too.

How do you choose the curriculum and difficulty levels?

We design the curriculum with the goal of making each lesson bite-sized and easy to listen to, as well as making the different levels systematic build upon one after another. We don’t follow the curriculums of conventional books or other school systems because we believe that learners should be able to speak Korean from Day 1. Every day, after each new lesson, our listeners can say one more thing in actual, everyday Korean.

What are you planning next for TTMIK?

We will continue with our online Korean lessons, and keeping making fun and useful videos, but we are planning to do other types of fun projects in the future. We can’t talk about them yet, but we’re sure you’ll like them!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to our readers?

We just want to say THANK YOU for studying with us and supporting us! 정말 감사합니다!

Images courtesy of TTMIK