Chicago-born and Brooklyn-based DJ, Brenmar, is creating a buzz in worldwide dance music right now with his addictive fusion of glossy r’n'b versus gritty underground beats. He’ll be laying down a selection of his tracks at Globe Lounge this Friday night, before heading to Busan for the rest of the weekend. We got in touch to get the downlow on what’s going on with him at the moment, ahead of his Korean gigs.

Chincha: You seem to draw influences from several genres when creating your tracks. Is there one music genre you prefer?

Brenmar: Hip hop, house, and r’n'b are the mains genres I tend to draw from. I love them all equally, that’s all you heard in Chicago in the 90′s.

You recently played at the prestigious Sonar Festival in Barcelona through the Red Bull Music Academy. How important are schemes like RBMA in supporting and launching the careers of young and up-and-coming musicians?

I didnt know that much about RBMA until I got accepted to be honest. It’s been an amazing experience, the academy has allowed me to play a few festivals all over the world to brand new crowds – can’t take that for granted. I’ve met all sorts of wonderful people and artists through them as well. RBMA know what they’re doing; they aren’t in it for the fads or any of that. They sincerely try to support music they love.

Can you draw any comparisons between European dance music and North American dance music from what you experienced at Sonar?

House/techno went over better than hip hop at Sonar. I’m not surprised, as house and techno is bigger in the EU than hip hop overall. The crowd was just down to vibe too, always a good thing not feeling like you have to throw banger after banger at the crowd.

Having lived in Chicago, New York and LA, all key metropolitan areas where the underground music scenes are thriving, do you think the city you live in influences the type of tracks you create?

To a certain extent, definitely. My travels influence me a lot. All of those places are home yet they always feel so transient because i’m always on the move. Chicago is at the root of everything I make, though.

Ever been to Korea before? Do you have any preconceptions about what it will be like to play in Seoul?

I never have! No idea what to expect really. To be honest, I’m excited!

What’s one track you think we should be listening to right now?

Brenmar’s future plans?

More touring and recording :)

Brenmar (listen to him on SoundCloud) will be at Globe Lounge in Itaewon this Friday night. We have 10 free pre-12:00 guestlist passes to give away courtesy of Multi Seoul for this awesome event. Comment below/ on our with your name and we’ll put the first 10 people on the list. For more ticket info check the .

Interview by Loren

Photos courtesy of Brenmar