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Seoul International Youth Film Festival

The week long Seoul International Youth Film Festival starts today, celebrating kids films, coming of age movies, and work created by young directors. 141 films from 40 countries will be screening at the 14th version of SIYFF, making it likely that you’ll come across at least one piece of cinematic gold in the collection. Peruse the screening programme to spot any films you’d like to go see.


Matt Gale’s ‘reduction’

‘reduction’, a photography show by Matt Gale, launches at Seoul Salon in the heart of the small expat haven of Kyungnidan on Friday evening. Matt’s work reflects the city without branding and advertising. Effectively, the city becomes reduced, hence the naming of the exhibition. Doors open at 8 and .


Life Drawing

Jankura Art Space is the only English-language art place in Korea, to our knowledge, and regularly holds classes where you can learn a creative craft, from screen printing to honing your sketching skills. This weekend, Jankura is putting on life drawing classes on Friday night at 7:30pm and Saturday from 6pm. Each session costs 10,000 won. Click on the official website for more information, including Jankura’s location.


Innertrip Festival

The trippy-sounding festival may have changed venue from the picturesque beach it was on last year, but the central theme of nature is still prevalent, along with peace, love, respect and psychedelia . The new location is in Chuncheon, which is a must-visit area in Korea for its outstanding beauty and totally delicious dak galbi restaurants. We previewed the reggae, psytrance and dubstep event in full this week if you want the lowdown on this alternative festival. It starts early at 10am.

Endless Summer Beach Festival

With the weather forecast looking pants, the name of this festival is starting to seem unfortunately ironic. It should still be a good one, though. Ticket sales closed at 1pm today (Thursday), but according to the if you can find your own way to the beach location in Taean then you can buy tickets at the event entrance for W30,000. Hopefully the dry weather will hold out so that you can enjoy some of the DJs and hip hop artists that will be performing, as well as the cheap cocktails.

Future Shorts Seoul: Summer

Yay, Future Shorts in Seoul has come around again. The summer edition of the biggest pop-up film festival in the world is at Platoon Kunsthalle in Gangnam this Saturday, for the third time. Films include the 2011 short Guest by South Korean director Ga Eun-Yoon and the premier of Han Rock, a John Weeke documentary funded by the profits from the last festival. Since we recently interviewed the latter director, you can read all about his film in this article. You can also find out more about this weekend’s Future Shorts Seoul on their page.

Chromania at Powwow

Beat Culture headlined last week’s Saturday night at Powwow (and rocked it) but now it’s time for something different. The innovative Noksapyeong venue encourages interns from promotions collective SuperColorSuper to put on themed shows, with Saturday’s event being an example of this. The intern behind this night has created a mystical, mythical world labelled Chromania, with its own culture, religion and weather. Bands will include Lobotomy and We Dance, while artists Juyoung Park, Soju Lee, Sosaengsu, Yuna Kim and Pacman will be displaying work. Tickets cost 10,000 won advance or 15,000 on the door OR you can win a pair through us by telling us what country you would love to visit – real or imaginary. We’ll eenie meenie minie mo for the winner.

Words: Loren

Images: Innertrip and John Linke

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