We love festivals (of course), from huge, concert-style gigs like the recent Super!Sonic, to smaller, all-day celebrations like September freebies Rock Do and Korea Burn. We also love events that fall in the middle of the two extremes, such as August’s upcoming . A psy-trance party based around the themes of peace, love, respect, nature and music, Innertrip will feature reggae and ska music, as well as more psychedelia than an exploding lava lamp.

Last year’s Innertrip was the fledgling festival, established on a gorgeous beach in Gangwon-do. This year, the organisers are bringing the festival closer to Seoul, holding the 24-hour psytrance and reggae extravaganza in the beautiful Chuncheon area.

Musically, Innertrip’s line-up is looking pretty stellar, with DJ Astrix headlining. If you’re into ska you should already be getting eager for Windy City and Kingston Rudieska. For psy-trance fans, Psytonic’s mash-up with rock band Galaxy Express is looking intriguing, and the mud ground will no doubt be vibrating through sets by dubstep DJs Didi Bones and Fenner. And that’s just a mere smattering of the acts that will be available to see – you can read the full, extensive line-up of alternative musicians .

Innertrip is being thrown in a huge space surrounded by mountains, with an abandoned boat to play on and a river nearby. Chill-out spots and poi acts will be ubiquitous around the fest’s five stages, as well as fairy lights aplenty. Most importantly, since the organisers are stressing that they want this to be a friendly and peaceful event that anyone can come to, good company shouldn’t be hard to find.

Innertrip starts on the 25th of August at 10am and finishes an entire day (and a bit) later at around 12.  If you buy your tickets in a group of five by the end of today (Monday 20th August) each ticket will cost 50,000w per person, which is 20,000w off the official 70,000w price.  All tickets include camping (although you’ll need to bring your own tent) and details of how to purchase can be found on this website.

Locate Innertrip Festival by catching the train from Seoul to Chuncheon Station. Shuttle buses will be heading to the festival site.

Images courtesy of Innertrip Festival. See more on their .

Words by Loren