If the measure of success for the revival of a dance night is gauged by the energy and crowd retention, then the newest chapter in the Myeongdong dance night was an epic success. Although it seemed to start off a little stagnant in the energy department, there was no shortage of spectators. Most of the early crowd was a mix of unsuspecting and curious shoppers mixed with the news media. The night really started to hit all the right beats around 1. At that point it became clear that dance stamina would prevail over skills.

The line-up was incredibly well paced and organized. Each set melted into the next, elevated by all the gyrations. Doublestrike played a set that made gum on your shoes, the only logical excuse for not moving. J-Path amped up 3 a.m. with MC Lucid who helped perpetuate the hunger for more. The sizable crowd of shakers left for the last hour was rewarded with an exceptionally unique Jagabee mix of Y.M.C.A. At this point, even the police were tapping their feet and grinning. The line up was the kind of eclectic mix your iPod wishes it had.

If you left early, don’t worry, you’ll have another opportunity to test your dance stamina next month, as currently, the plan is for this to be a monthly occurrence. If the next line up is even half as awesome as this one was, you’ll need a few Hot-6’s and a late nap to go the distance.

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