Summer has officially left Seoul and all through the month of September, fall has been poking its head around the corner. Korea definitely knows what to do when it comes to taking advantage of good weather and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by grabbing a bite or a drink outside. Whether it’s a beer outside a convenience store, a fancy poolside dinner or a late night snack from a food truck in Hongdae, everything tastes a bit better when it’s taken in with a bit of autumn air. This month’s Chinchagram contest theme was “Street Food” and we had a ton of awesome entries. As always, it was really hard to pick the winner, (why do you all have to be such good photographers?!) but this photo by @natty_with_seoul summed up what REAL Korean street food is all about: Good food from the locals.

And here are the runners up, who also had some pretty fantastic photos:

Snackin’ street food in Hongdae by @j_wray

Hongdae street snacks by @ricksantino

Homemade tofu and acorn jelly by @janna3000

Fish food by @devanrosey

And we couldn’t have a “street drink” contest without putting this guy on the list.

The makgeolli man by @rshir012

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos all through the month of September! October’s contest will be “Fall/Autumn” so stay outside and post your photos of fall leaves, Halloween or whatever is fall-y to you. Don’t forget to tag your photos with #chinchagram on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and you could be next month’s winner.

Written by Claire Harris from Kimchi Tacos