Where can I go to hear more music like this? A regular Seoul party-head asked me, dripped in sweat, and in complete awe of the beats that were filling up Cakeshop this past Friday night. My response: Anywhere she’s at.

“She” refers to Clara 3000.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to snag a little one-on-one time with the much buzzed about French DJ who broke into the scene before she could even legally drink in the states. While the anticipating Clara 3000 fans waited, I shot her questions in the backroom just minutes before her debut Seoul performance.

She’s praised for her raw talent and natural skills, but it goes beyond that. People love her because with Clara, there are no side gimmicks, bells and whistles, or tricks up her sleeve. You get what you see, which fortunately for all of us, is simply just pure awesomeness at its core.

Chincha: How’s Korea? Is this your first time in Seoul?

Clara 3000: It’s my first time in Asia actually. I really like Seoul. It’s a lot less nostalgic than Paris. I like it that way. In Paris everything is about museums, old buildings, or kind of glorifying the past, which is cool. But here it’s just about now or the future. It’s more me. I’m the type of person who wants things to happen.

Chincha: Some of our Chincha readers are now just discovering Clara 3000. How would you describe your music to them in your own words?

Clara 3000: It’s eclectic. A little bit dark and a little bit groovy, mixed with electronic and techno. I want to make it easy when people listen to my music, I don’t want anyone to be shocked.

Chincha: So this is your first time in Seoul, but I know you’ve performed in cities other than Paris. How did you feel when you landed your first international gig?

Clara 3000: It was in London. [Laughs] I got very drunk that night. Luckily I was with good people. I also performed in Sao Paulo, Mexico, Ibiza, and New York.

Chincha: I listened to you all day today on SoundCloud. You’re young, but it’s extremely obvious that you know your stuff. How exactly did you get started?

Clara 3000: I knew at a very young age that music was going to be my life. Growing up in Paris, I had a mix of different influences. I wrote for a music magazine and traveled quite a bit. But it started when I was thirteen. I would go to record stores close to my lycée and dig for cool records. I loved the aesthetics of it all. I was very curious and always trying to find that one track nobody knew.

Chincha: Do you know of any Korean artists?

Clara 3000: I know Psy, of course! [Laughs] I hope to have the chance to meet other artists while I’m here, especially at the Busan Film Festival tomorrow. I think in Paris it’s a little hard to hear what’s happening in Korea. But I do love Korean films.

Chincha: Tell me about your favorite DJ experience so far.

Clara 3000: I know this will sound cliché, but my very first one was very special. It was in Paris at Le Régine. My friends pushed me to do it. I didn’t think I was ready, butI was. It’s almost like skiing. You don’t think you’re ready but as you’re going down the mountain, you realize everything is great.

Chincha: If you were about to hop on a train for five straight hours right now and you had to listen to the same three songs on repeat, which songs would you choose?

Clara 3000: In this order…The Eagle by Daniel Avery, Howling Âme Remix by Franck Wiedemann. This song is electronic, but kind of chill. The Perfect Gun by The Eyes in the Heat. A mix of electro and post-punk. And an extra one, Feelings (Montreux 1976) by Nina Simone.

Chincha: Earlier you mentioned you like Seoul because it’s about now or the future. So what’s the future for Clara 3000?

Clara 3000: Making my own music.


You can follow Clara at @clara3000 and listen to her on SoundCloud.

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