Night at the Paradise

This is the final week of English-language play Night at the Paradise, a musical which runs through some of Broadway’s best tunes. See last week’s events post for more details. Tickets cost 18,000 won.


Zandari Festa

The Friday and Saturday festival comprises over 40 different venues and 200 different artists from Seoul’s subculture scene. Zandari, meaning small bridge, hopes to create a link between the artists who work in Hongdae, the heart of Korea’s indie music scene. Also, we’re involved! More info on that below (or in this article) and more info on Zandari Festa .


B.E.C.B Collaboration Party

Bass Attack is at Club Ellui’s Black Zone this week, with the usual d’n’b and dubstep night taking a hip hop twist by featuring expat MC Black Illumin. The Gangnam club that has been chosen for this volume of the long-running event is pretty swanky, so if you usually skip Bass Attack because you favour Seoul’s more upmarket clubs, this is definitely a good chance for you to check out the popular underground night. .


(under the AWEH Block Party)

We’re obviously biased in saying that this is the event of the week, but there, we said it anyway. The Chincha Garage Party is at Exit this Saturday night from 9pm, with a shitload of activities going on in time to awesome soul/ funk/ bass/ garage/ house. Read our BLOCK PARTY post to discover more.

We highly recommend heading to this event at Jr Pub, Itaewon just before the Chincha party since Emily, one of our writers, is going to be modelling a bra for the auction. Also, as you’ve probably already realised from the title, this is a charity shindig raising money to fight breast cancer. Cover is 10,000 won and for that you get to donate, experience bellydancing from dancer Navah, and witness burlesque from White Lies Revue.

Korea Burn After Party

A little over a month after the pioneering Korea Burn, the organizers are coming back with an After Burn party at Club Obeg (500) in Hongdae. The event runs until 5am, with doors opening at 7pm for a Burner potluck dinner. Bring a dish of food to share and receive a chance to chat to people within the community. Korea Burn videos will be shown and music will come from Innertrip, Audio Avengers, and more. Entry costs 10,000 won, with proceeds covering the deficit from the free festival. some more in-depth information.


Seoul Fashion Week

The Spring/ Summer 2013 Seoul Fashion Week starts on Monday, lasting until next Sunday. Find out more about the biannual style event on Chincha or buy tickets here.

Pictures: Zandari, Aweh and cover image © Tor from Chincha