Winter is coming upon us a little too quickly, and I don’t know about you, but hibernation mode is setting already. The only thing that can pull us away from staying sprawled on my heated floors this winter is a place that has been creeping up on almost everyone’s radar: SPACE.

Nestled somewhere in the hood of Kyungidan, up the street from the Baker’s Table and through a random dark hallway you can find this little haven of health and good vibes.

A self-proclaimed ‘urban oasis’, SPACE is a community center started by 5 unique and inspiring individuals with the hopes to share ideas, creativity, and healthy proactive lifestyles.

SPACE offers yoga classes 5 days a week, home cooked veggie meals during select weekdays, and a calendar dotted with language exchanges, soup swaps, guided meditations, and more. They also ran the first and only English yoga retreat at a quaint Seoraksan hideaway last weekend.

The main draw of SPACE is the , run by yoga enthusiast, Dawn Kang. You may be familiar with her from facebook, she’s the tiny Asian girl doing gravity defying yoga poses in the crowded streets of Seoul. Your jaw may have dropped a little. Not to be intimidated though, Dawn’s classes are undoubtedly the best in town. An ass kicking workout with some serious Zen after-effects, every class will challenge you physically and mentally and leave you feeling like you just did something really awesome, and had a blast through all the sweat.

For those yogis who are looking for some straight forward, traditional yoga discipline, which is equally as challenging, try out the Mysore style Ashtanga class instructed by Tonya. She has been practicing for 10 years and has had training in Bali, America, and India.

Warning: Frequenting either class may leave students with a full blown yoga addiction.

Mama’s Table is the newest regular addition to SPACE. The meals at Mama’s Table will leave your taste buds in a momentary comatose trying to figure out how she makes vegan meals taste so damn good. It’s no wonder are having such huge success, her choice of local fresh food is good for you, and just plain good. Only 10 bucks for a healthy home cooked meal, good conversation, and great company is quite the bargain.

(Carrot Soup: photo by Jessica Perlaza)

Besides these two fixed offerings, SPACE also hosts workshops such as 4Body’s Life Coaching, Passion Project and events by the other SPACE “godmothers,” like spoken word led by Megan Smith, open performance nights by Young Joo Lee, and tea tastings by Saewon Oh.

So whenever you decide to take a break from the abundance of watering holes in Seoul and give a little nourishment to your own soul, head to the place that has everyone talking. Come and gather, meet people, share ideas, and indulge in the goodness of healthy, mindful living at community center, SPACE.

Check out the SPACE website and to keep updated on the community.

Words by Stephanie Pizzo.

Photographs courtesy of SPACE unless otherwise stated.

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