It’s Thursday and, as is tradition, the cultural GPS that is the events post is here to assuage your crippling fear of spending the next few days festering in a slump of inactivity. So open wide as we spoon delectable event-shaped airplanes into the grubby mouth of your weekend. You’re welcome. 

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V.O.G.U.E Party

Following the success of last month’s event, non-hetero persuasions will once again be celebrated in style at Itaewon’s Cakeshop and for 10,000 won you get a free drink and a Hill-free slice of Seoul gay nightlife. The decks are in safe hands (DJ’s include Oil Can Boyd, Rou Set, Shins and DJ Stuf) and the vibe is all-inclusive with shenanigans commencing at 10.30pm. Plus you can win tickets from us!


Ynot? at V-Hall

This is a show in celebration of the launch of Ynot?’s album High, which was recently released. Indie rockers Fantastic Drugstore and Achime are supporting. Tix are 30,000 won on the door of the Hongdae venue.

48 Hour Black and White Launch Party

Lucid Dreams Club in Itaewon will be engaging in monochrome revelries in celebration of all things cinematic and made in less than 2 days. If you are an aspiring or current filmmaker, director, producer, photographer, writer, actor, makeup artist, costume designer, stylist, builder, craftsperson, sound engineer or just interested, garb up in your best colourless number and head there for 10pm. .

Dance in Seoul: Revival Tango Seminar

Want to glide across the dance floor like a grease-covered Antonio Banderas grooving his way through a gambol (yes, that is the collective noun for dancers) of Latin babes but currently move like a newborn goat trying to ice-skate? Well why not shuffle along to this Gangnam-based beginner-friendly seminar about the musicality and creativity of tango dance? It will be an introduction to the regular class set and sign-up is required here.

DMZ (Deep Music Zone) Vol. 4

There will be no armistice for your ear drums at Dojo’s popular monthly Drum & Bass night that features a selection of international residents and guest DJs. The audio skirmish kicks off at 10.30pm. From Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) take exit 2 and walk until you arrive at an underground subway, cross underneath and take a left out from the stairs. The club is underneath Italian restaurant Noxa, on the corner.

Psycore Charity Rockout Vol. 5

Help support a great cause at Hongdae’s Freebird with a night set up by human rights organisation PSCORE. The proceeds of the event will go towards funding educational activities and social programs for North Korean defectors in South Korea. A selection of Seoul’s finest indie bands will be on hand to show how things are done south of the 38th parallel and entry will set you back 10,000 won. Details on the Pscore site


Bust out the lederhosen and rejoice in all things Deutsch at the Grand Hilton’s very own German-style Oktoberfest with an evening of beer, food, live music and games. Breeches will begin twanging at 6pm and more information can be found on the Grand Hilton Seoul website.

Let’s Send Sean Home <3

Sean Jones is an expat who has been hospitalised in Korea for the last four months. His medical bills, at $50,000, are too much for his family to pay in order to bring him home. Head to hisfundraiser at Southside Parlor this weekend to enjoy a night of entertainment while fundraising for Sean. $45,000 has already been raised, but you can help contribute that last $5000. See more in our preview.

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If your gluttonous desire for events still remains unsatiated click on over to our Seoul events post for other ongoing and upcoming ways to spend your time and money. You can also check some .

By Mike Beech