I came to the event hosted by Col.l.age+ I few weeks back and I knew that this was going to be one of those venues where any time I go there, something great is going to happen. This past weekend did not disappoint, as SuperColorSuper came by for their “Super Sketch” event.

The venue perfectly complimented the line-up of artist and musicians that SCS brought to the event. With a couple of overhead projectors, the audience where able to watch as the artist came up with their pieces on the spot while live bands set the mood for this unique and intimate experience.

From abstract, to trippy, to just downright weird; both artist and musicians where able to showcase their craft that night and left everyone admiring their work, and watching Santa Claus beating up Jesus was pretty funny.

For more about SuperColorSuper’s future events read this article.

To learn more about the artist and musicians visit .

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