Toilet theme park, Suwon The theme park gained world-wide publicity last year for its unique content: a garden filled with huge statues shaped like poo, statues of people squatting, a cartoon poo mural and a toilet museum. In the suburbs of Suwon, the museum is the former home of Sim Jae-Duck, a.k.a. Mr Toilet, deceased former mayor of Suwon, toilet enthusiast and creator of the World Toilet Association. Born in the toilet of his parent’s home, in later life Sim was dedicated to improving the quality of sanitation and toilet facilities in Korea. He was so passionate about the subject that he had his house demolished and had a new one built in the shape of a giant toilet bowl in celebration of the birth of the World Toilet Association. The ‘Mr. Toilet House’ was turned into a museum after his death and is now filled with fun, well-presented information about toilets, sanitation and the life of a clearly fondly remembered Mr Toilet.

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