Tonight, many of you are celebrating this year’s holiday of love by rocking out with the Canadian band Japandroids. The duo are currently on their Celebration Rock tour and took some time out to knock down a couple of soju shots with the Chincha crew. It’s the boys first time in Seoul and we wanted to give them a real Korean welcome, so naturally we took them to a cat café in Hongdae.

In between shooing the cats away from the soju and chewing dried squid (a little gift from us to them) we chatted about Brian’s immense love for cats, how they spent their day in Seoul, and their feelings on playing their first show here. If you haven’t bought your special valentine (or yourself) a gift yet, we advise you to ditch the flowers and chocolates you were eyeing up in G-Mart and just head out to V-Hall at 8pm. Japandroids is guaranteed to make a few heartbeats skip.

Chincha: You know, half the crowd might be wearing couple tees since it’ll be Valentines day.
Brian: Couple tees?
Chincha: In Korea some couples match their outfits, hats, shoes, shirts, pretty much anything.
Brian: Is that really a thing?
Chincha: Definitely.
Brian: David and I should wear couple tees on stage then.

Japandroids are playing at V-Hall in Hongdae tonight; . Buy tickets at the door or on the SuperColorSuper website!

Images: SuperColorSuper

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