Upon seeing that EXIT stalwarts had launched a second monthly party at Cakeshop in Itaewon — entitled NIGHT SWEATS — we jumped at a chance to ask the crew to give us the lowdown.

NIGHT SWEATS will launch this Friday (3/8) at Cakeshop with special guest DeWalta (Germany), who has released work on labels such as Meander and Vakant. Supporting will be local up-and-comer Deero () alongside Silk/Juice’s own Rob McCall and local legend NUKiD ().


Here’s what the Silk/Juice boys had to say:

Zach H

“This thing went through a few mutations along the way, but we’re ecstatic it’s finally happening. Will Smith once wrote that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and as a huge fan of what both Multi Seoul and Cakeshop have done over the previous year or so, the club seemed like the most natural place for us to open a second monthly party. Multi has brought in acts like Roska, Bok Bok and Carly Rae Jepsen. We’re certainly not shooting for acts of that caliber (yet), but much like our EXIT night has allowed us to explore the local DJ scene and invite our favorite selectors, we hope that NIGHT SWEATS gives us a chance to find relatively undiscovered talent abroad who might just give Seoul a night’s worth of their time in exchange for some overcooked 떡볶이 and shitty beer. Plus, word on the street is that if we can make this party pop off, we’ll finally get to bring Insane Clown Posse next year. FINGERS CROSSED Y’ALL!”


“I’m chuffed at the opportunity to play colourful house and 말랑말랑 wrongspeed bass at Cakeshop, and honored that my embarrassing medical problems have finally been immortalized in the name of a party. Whereas EXIT is for high-speed bangers, rough garridge that sounds like it was made on a playstation, the smell of burning speaker cones, and walls dripping with sweat, Cakeshop is for smooth midrange pleather contours, grooves swung, throwed and locked, and walls dripping with sweat. My favourite spice girl is Charizard.”

Rob McCall

“We’re really excited to make complete asses of ourselves with our weird, eclectic selections at Cakeshop. We never really know what to expect from these things, but Night Sweats will probably be a little classier, groovier, more tasteful, etc., than our EXIT thing, which is more of a free-for-all. Personally, I love the occasional techno bang session, but will probably be keeping the lid on the jar 83.52% of the time when I play at Cakeshop… lots of fun house music, deep cuts, and disco. We’re also getting into the idea of bringing over international DJs for the first time, which is great… and also expensive. Seriously, if any of you guys have spare frequent flier miles, we’re always accepting donations. Anyway, please come to our party and show us how to dance. We haven’t learned how yet.”

The party is free before midnight IF you are on the GUESTLIST and 10,000 won after midnight, which includes one free drink. .

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