Much like their debut album, Television’s first time performing on the Korean Peninsula seems to have crept up on us without much of a fanfare, but if we are to learn anything from their seminal history it must surely be not to underestimate them.

The New York art-punk legends will strut their delightfully angular stuff at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall on 12 May and if the response to their April show in São Paulo is anything to go by then this should be a rare chance to witness Tom Verlaine et al. (sadly minus Richard Lloyd) perform some of the most influential rock music ever recorded.

Whether you are well-versed in Television’s post-punk heroics or are soon-to-be-converted to their audio achievements (honestly the only two realistic options) the gig will no doubt provide a great opportunity to get your bones artfully jangled.

Here’s the whole of Marquee Moon, don’t say we don’t treat you right.

Buy tickets to Television, curated by Kiha & The Faces, from Interpark for W77,000 – W88,000.

Words by Mike Beech

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