The Killer Drones, “a raucous, psychedelic, garage rock band founded in 2012 in Seoul, South Korea” are releasing an album this weekend, accompanied by a celebratory show at Club DGBG; one of the best rock venues in Hongdae, FYI. 

the killer drones2

Bored of interviews focused on music inspirations and bands’ future plans, Grey Watson, frontman of the The Killer Drones (that’s him in the middle of the above picture, looking like he’s about to eat a microphone) and Loren of Chincha decided to have a chat about cheese instead.

Loren – I have four different types of in my fridge right now.

Grey – I let myself suffer and don’t buy it much in Korea. It’s expensive, but I ask myself, “why not just indulge in your want for cheese?”

Loren – I also have Lucky Charms. I’m pretty sure they got banned in the U.K. when I was 9.

Grey – That’s awesome! Was that your favorite?

Loren – Yeah. All the way.

Grey – I always liked Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Loren – Hmm.  I’m not so much a Cinnamon fan.

Grey – Yeah it’s not for everyone.  Kinda like Frank Zappa. So, what’s your favorite cheese?

Loren – Right now, goat’s cheese, but last week it was bleu cheese.  What about yours?

Grey – If I’m just eating cheese by itself, I’ve gotta go with pepper jack. But I’m like you, it changes. I think my favorite is whatever cheese is in my mouth at the time.

Loren – Hahahaha. Mine too.

Grey – Goat cheese on a chorizo quesadilla is one of my finest cheese experiences.

Loren – I have all the ingredients to make that in my fridge. I’M HAVING THAT FOR LUNCH!

Grey – You have Chorizo?! What!?

Loren – Yeah, an enormous bag. Got it from a friend at the army base.

Grey – Whoa!

Loren – I think we have similar food taste.

Grey – Definitely.  Excuse me Loren; I need to go buy some cheese.

Go see with indie band Les Sales, bellydancers Eshe and Navah, and Shindig DJ Hawkeye Pierce and receive their new album for free with 10,000 won admission.